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Jack has over 35 years experience in manufacturing and marketing. Today, as a patent illustrator, he works exclusively with patent attorneys and inventors. He can benefit you by his experience.

Jack is an advocate of education. Beyond college he is a life long student. In association with Metropolitan State University, he is a pioneer of independent study. Research, art and innovation always go hand in hand. Like Leonardo Da Vinci of the thirteenth century, Jack's drawing and art skills have intertwined the art world and the commercial world of innovation. Jack says, "the creative process is actually the back bone of life itself."

Jack advocates for the efforts of inventors and is involved with cutting edge innovation. His involvement has been with medical equipment manufacture, machine building, robotics, computers, electrical generation, bulk material handling, oil refinement, environmental clean up, identification, outdoor advertising, recreational equipment, commercial construction and the list goes on.......

Beginning his career in custom job shop fabrication and manufacturing, was an asset to his future. His experience was hands on and extensive. Solving production and design problems, managing, cost estimating, purchasing, drafting, establishing procedures and quality assurance guidelines.

In 1987, Jack mentored with Loren Kienlen, patent illustrator, in Eugene Oregon. Mr. Kienlen was an entrepreneur with relationship to Hughes Aircraft, A&W Drive In Restaurants, Fisher Stoves, DoorMaid, Doer Tools, real estate and poultry production.

Continuing to this day Jack works internationally with patent attorneys and inventors. He prepares their patent drawings for formal filing with the patent and trademark offices. United States Patent and Trademark Office. European Patent Office. World Intelectual Property Organization.

Art Fry and patent illustrator Jack Smith

John Ratzenberger inventor and Jack Smith

Here Are Some Testimonials:

"We have worked together almost 20 years. You are a well respected patent illustrator." Dick Bartz, Bartz & Bartz, Minneapolis, MN.

"Your the best patent illustrator, I have ever had. Thank you for your good work" Richard, Conover, Patent Attorney, Bozeman, MT.

"Your drawings are great. I had to show them to my kids. I said, look what the Master has done." Gary Spruill, Inventor Awning Sleeve Shirt, Inid, OK,

Robert Rines and Jack Smith

"Your public relations skills are at an experienced, high level professional status." Jean Steiner, Minnesota House of Representatives.

"Jack executed practical solutions to problems I gave him. The most practical well presented solutions ever. The most professional I have ever evaluated. Lorilee Sandman, Metropolitan State University, Assistant Professor University of Minnesota.

"You are the very best, most detail oriented, patent illustrator I have ever worked with." Curt Kinghorn, Patent Attorney, Sirus Stratigic, Minneapolis, MN.

" Your the MAN, Jack." Mark Rosheim, Ross-Hime Designs, Minneapolis, MN. Mark Rosheim, Robotics Inventor/Author.

"You bring a great deal of needed professionalism to the organization." William Sumner, Inventor, State of Minnesota.

"You immedediately understood the whole concept of the invention, with little explanation." Roger Belfay, Patent Attorney, St. Paul, MN. Roger Belfay, Patent Attorney.

Jack has served as President of United Inventors Association UIA and Inventors' Network

Jack has served as President of United Inventors Association, UIA and Inventor' Network a non profit 501-C3 association. This is the largest united inventor association in the United States, with members also in other countries and a hard copy newsletter sent monthly to its subscribers. It's mission is to foster invention and help inventors with responsive information through networking and education. This organization meets monthly.

The IN is a voluntary membership organization composed of individuals wishing to encourage the development of new ideas and to promote the spirit of innovation through the seeking and sharing of information.

It is accomplishing this goal by focusing the individual and collective experience and expertise of its members, and others, to assist inventors and innovators through the process of bringing their ideas to use, either through commercialization or noncommercial dedication to public betterment.

Jack Smith and Young Inventors Program

Bob Albertson and Jack Smith patent illustratorBob Albertson and Jack Smith patent illustrator

Inventors' Network concentrates on providing information which will minimize the investments of time, expense and frustration inventors often experience in developing their ideas.

IN has established and operates regular and occasional, meetings, programs, workshops, displays, seminars, counseling and other educational activities.

Jack has lead the Inventors' Network in forming arrangements with outside resources. This collaboration will benefit inventors by a relationship with service providers and manufacturing. Find Out More About Inventors' Network.

Jack Smith's painting in museum

Jack Smith contributes patent drawings

Jack Is Featured In In A Face Project™ - Micro Documentary

Art, wisdom, and good work are just a few of the things Jack discusses with A Face Project™ in this episode. Story JACK/SEVEN.

Jack has some fantastic things to share about his career and his many accomplishments, from beautiful self-portraits to a thriving business.

A Face Project™ is a collection of stories from around the world told through audio recordings, photography, and some writing.

Click on the A Face Project™ button below and find out more about Jack Smith.

Jack Smith, Intellectual Property Specialist

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