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Leonardo's Lost Robots

Author: Mark Elling Rosheim

Working with Jack Smith on /Leonardo’s Lost Robots/ has been one of the joys of my professional life. The majority of the fine ink line drawings of the book were produced by Jack. No matter what his starting point be it fine or rough sketches, CAD drawings, photos or found artwork Jack would turn these into truly classic illustrations. Jack’s skill with computer and traditional methods as well as a broad grounding in the arts enabled him to tackle any challenge no matter how difficult. An excellent sense of line, shading, and proportion are a just a few of his gifts. In the true renaissance meaning of the word – Jack Smith is a Master.

Mark Rosheim

Book Description:

Leonardo's Lost Robots reinterprets Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical design work, revealing a new level of sophistication not recognized by art historians or engineers. By identifying his major technological projects, the book reinterprets Leonardo's legacy of notes, showing that apparently unconnected fragments from dispersed manuscripts actually comprise cohesive designs for functioning automata. Using the rough sketches scattered throughout almost all of Leonardo's notebooks, the author has reconstructed Leonardo's programmable cart, which was the platform for other automata: a Robot Lion, a Robot Knight, and a hydraulically powered automaton for striking a bell. Through a readable, lively narrative, Mark Rosheim explains how he reconstructed da Vinci's designs. In a foreword the world-renowned Leonardo scholar Carlo Pedretti interprets the significance of these reconstructions for our understanding of Leonardo's oeuvre. Order Leonardo' Lost Robots

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Jack has some fantastic things to share about his career and his many accomplishments, from beautiful self-portraits to a thriving business.

A Face Project™ is a collection of stories from around the world told through audio recordings, photography, and some writing.

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Jack Smith, Intellectual Property Specialist

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